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Our job is to help you. We can relieve your worries, clear your conscience, clear your warrants.

The process of warrant clearance is simple, but each warrant, bond, and situation is unique to you and will need to be discussed so that we can provide you with the most accurate information.

Richard Stein is The Go-To Bondsman for many reasons. It's a name given to him by his clients and earned through 20+ years of combined bail industry, jail, courtroom, surety agent and prior law enforcement experience.

There are many circumstances that can result in someone having an arrest warrant.

Here is one example- You have a court date for a traffic ticket, you missed the court date or went at the wrong time and now the Judge will automatically issue a warrant for your arrest. You have an FTA (Failure To Appear.) If you don't know or don't resolve it quickly thru our office, you will be burdened with worry and always looking over your shoulder. You could be pulled over for a tail light out when the officer runs your name, you'll be arrested and your car will be impounded. The police could show up to your home, work, friends or family contacts and arrest you without warning, at any time. This is unnecessary, not to mention embarrassing, scary and inconvenient. If you would like to discuss a situation and find resolve, give us a call. We will be able to give confirmation of your warrant, bond or circumstances and guide you with the best options. Once you know what to do it is easy to make an appointment with us at your earliest convenience to complete paperwork, and we will walk you thru the steps. It can be done in as little as an hour in most cases.

Most every warrant can be cleared with a special process that is familiar to AFBB agents. We first have to confirm the warrant and information or bond if any. Then, options can be provided and you can decide what is the best course of action.

If you want to understand how to clear a warrant, you will need to call and provide specific information to the AFBB agent. The same process will not always apply to everyone. We understand this might be a scary thing, so when you call, give us a chance to help you. Providing information about yourself is the only way we can determine what specifically needs to be done in your case. It is important you understand, our business is about helping you out of a difficult situation. Your information is protected an kept private with us. We are here to help you resolve whatever trouble you might be in.

Avoid being arrested, give yourself peace of mind, and let The Go-To Bondsman and his team at AFBB help you to start fresh. We are familiar with all types of situations, and your trust and confidentiality are important to us. No matter what's happened, there is somewhere you can's AFBB.

Bail Bonding Resources

MOST WARRANTS CAN BE CLEARED with NO JAIL, THRU OUR OFFICE. A bail agent is able to process your clearance with a bond, rather than an embarrassing arrest. Each warrant is different, call for your options..

Visit All Florida Bail Bonds, or call 1(866)255-2245, Tell our AFBB agent you may have an arrest warrant. We will confirm it, and walk you thru steps & options of how to avoid jail and clear your warrant quickly.


The following links below will guide you to additional and more detailed information you can search through about HOW TO CLEAR A WARRANT and HOW TO CHECK FOR AN ACTIVE ARREST WARRANT in the system.

There are some warrants which must be verified by our office and may not show up directly in any system. An agent, like The Go-To Bondsman at AFBB is one of the few authorized persons who can verify through the court system, the clerks, jail, sheriff's office or a probation officer. The information we share and collect is used only to help you CLEAR YOUR WARRANT and is not discussed with other persons outside our agency for your protection and privacy.

No matter where in the USA you live or think you might have a warrant, here in Florida or elsewhere, we may still be able to help, or at least guide you with options. To get exact information on the easiest possible method for clearing your warrant, a phone call to us with your information is necessary first. The sooner you call, the faster we can help you clear it and point you in the right direction.

There are many kinds of options, and it depends on your specific circumstances, as each person's case, charges or type of warrant may be different.

This is our business specialty. Our resources to guide you are endless, and one of the many reasons people choose AFBB. We will give you the easiest, fastest, least expensive way to resolve your troublesome situation.

We are here for you. Pick up the phone and call before you find yourself, friend or loved one in a terrible situation which could have been avoided!

The information you discuss with our AFBB agents and office is personal, private and protected. There is somewhere you can is AFBB.

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    Take a deep breath, it will be okay. We are here to help relieve your worries, clear your conscience, clear your warrants.

    The Go-To Bondsman team at AFBB is experienced and trusted. If you need some help, have a warrant, received a warrant notice, missed court or need us to check, please call our office quickly, or email with your info and a message below so we can begin the process and provide you with options. Most warrants can be cleared and court dates reset. Your information and conversation is protected, private and confidential and shared only with our agents who can help.

    Call us at (954) 565-2424 or fill out the form to contact us today. Your email or call will be answered immediately!


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